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Why do lithium batteries need BMS?

 In the battery industry, lithium batteries have always been the first choice for green batteries. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the production technology of lithium batteries and the continuous reduction of costs, lithium batteries have been widely used in many fields. In the solar power generation system, the lithium battery is an indispensable energy storage device. Its main function is to store the electrical energy of the solar power generation system and supply power to the load in the event of insufficient sunshine, night and emergency.
Because the chemical reaction inside the lithium battery is very complex, while constantly improving the performance of the battery, people are also researching the management technology and use of the battery, so as to increase the battery life, improve the battery efficiency, and maximize the battery performance. Lithium battery with BMS is one such way. The battery management system(BMS) has the function of measuring battery voltage, and is mainly responsible for controlling the charging and discharging of the battery and realizing battery state estimation, battery state monitoring, battery state analysis, battery safety protection, energy control management, and battery information management. Thereby, the utilization efficiency of the lithium battery pack is improved, and the service life of the lithium battery pack is prolonged..

Xiamen Sweet Power Tech Co., Ltd. provides you with lithium battery with BMS for solar system, wind energy system, mobile energy storage system, emergency power backup, power station ect. Because the battery management system can monitor, protect, and manage the lithium battery in a balanced manner to prevent abnormal conditions such as overdischarge, overcharge, and overtemperature of lithium batteries, so lithium battery with BMS can not only avoid battery performance damage and even the danger of explosion in the state of severe overcharge and overdischarge, but also has high work efficiency.

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