600W Outdoor Emergency Backup Portable Power Station

*600W AC pure sine wave inverter
*Instantaneous peak 1200W
*Lithium batteries ensure safety
*576wh high capacity (19.2V/30Ah)
*Multiple charging methods (AC/ Solar panel /AC+ solar panel)
*Two-way charging flow between the host group and the extended

Expand to 576Wh capacity! The expansion capacity of the 600W portable power supply can reach 576Wh, and the large capacity
can meet almost all use scenarios. 600W AC output can support the work of most devices very well.


The characteristics of high reliability, strong mobility, and no geographical restrictions. In emergency rescue processes
such as natural disasters and accidents, it can provide strong power support for various types of electrical rescue equipment,
communication equipment and other equipment.

All-Around Capability:
It can be widely used in the field of mobile working, outdoor recreation, camping, rescuing, environment protection, emergency
communication, power outage backup and so on.

LiFePO4 battery can be recycled for more than 2000 times, 6 times longer service life, can be charged every day for nearly 8 years. 
Maximum solar input power of 100W, ranging from 10% to 100%, and the fastest time is only 2-3 hours.

Municipal charging:5-6h   PD fast charging:2-3h